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When Should I See a Renal Physician in Lighthouse Point?

Kidney doctor Lighthouse Point

A renal physician in Lighthouse Point treats patients diagnosed with kidney disease, such as acute kidney injury, chronic renal failure, kidney infections, and kidney stones. Kidney disease is depicted in five stages, or grades. Grades 1 is mild kidney disease, with Grade 5 as renal failure. Renal physicians, or kidney doctors, treat kidney disease of every stage. They can also treat diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephritis, and congenital kidney problems, as well as many more conditions. Kidney doctors offer dialysis treatments.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with kidney disease, see a renal physician in Lighthouse Point.

If your primary care physician (PCP) has recently diagnosed you with any type of condition that affects the kidneys, it’s best to see a specialist right away. That especially holds true in the case of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Your kidney doctor will perform diagnostic testing to establish a baseline of health, properly diagnose your condition, and determine the best possible course for your care.

Establishing a relationship with a kidney doctor, even if your PCP is doing an excellent job managing your care helps prevent issues in the future if your condition were to worsen. Additionally, studies show people who don’t see a kidney doctor until a later stage of disease have poor outcomes. They are at risk for late-stage kidney failure and death.

Visit a kidney doctor if your symptoms worsen.

Talk to your doctor if your symptoms seem to be worsening, especially if you experience sudden changes in your condition. If you have kidney disease and feel more tired than usual, have less energy, seen blood in your urine, or urinary habits have changed, it’s time to call your physician. If your doctor has been monitoring creatinine and it elevates to stage 4, you need a nephrologist, or kidney doctor.

Nephrologists help to ensure that your health is as good as possible while you manage your condition. You can find the best kidney doctor in Lighthouse Point through referrals from friends and family. You should find a physician that you feel comfortable with, so you can honestly share all of your health information. Also, find a caring, compassionate kidney doctor that takes their time to listen to your concerns. It’s also important that your doctor help educate you about your condition, so you can live your best possible life.