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9 Foods to Limit if You’re on Dialysis in Lighthouse Point

When your kidneys are functioning at 15% or less and your kidney doctor has recommended dialysis, they will also advise you of dietary changes that need to be made. Dialysis helps clean out toxins and waste in your bloodstream when your kidneys are unable to do the work. If you are on dialysis in Lighthouse Point, there are general dietary guidelines you should follow.

Here are foods you should avoid or limit once you begin dialysis.

If you have any concerns about the items in this list, please talk to your kidney care specialist.

  1. Certain fruits, including bananas, oranges, prunes, and raisins, high in potassium
  2. Potatoes, high in potassium
  3. Sweet potatoes, high in potassium
  4. Chocolate, high in phosphorus and medium-high levels of potassium
  5. Lunch meats, high in phosphorous and sometimes sodium
  6. Processed meats, including bacon and ham, high in sodium sometimes phosphates
  7. Soda, high in phosphates
  8. Nuts and nut butters, high in phosphorus and potassium
  9. Table salt / sodium

Do not add table salt / sodium to your food when cooking, and avoid foods with any added salt. The minerals sodium, phosphorus, and potassium in the foods above are hard to properly balance in healthy kidneys, much less for artificial kidneys to process. Improper blood levels of any  of these minerals can further worsen your condition.

If you suffer from any type of kidney disease, you may benefit from reducing or eliminating these foods as well. It’s important to talk with your nephrologist to see what dietary changes they recommend, whether you are on dialysis or not as a kidney patient. They often refer patients to a renal nutrition specialist to develop a custom kidney care diet.

When on dialysis in Lighthouse Point, it is important to consume a healthy diet.

While the list above may feel restrictive, there are many foods you can continue enjoying while you’re on dialysis. Consume a healthy diet to help support your kidneys, as well as limit the burden on the body during dialysis. Healthy foods for dialysis patients include fruits and vegetables, such as apples, grapes, blueberries, asparagus, and cauliflower. Cabbage, red bell peppers, and onions are also healthy. High-quality proteins including eggs, fish, and poultry can be consumed.