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When to See a Nephrologist in Pompano Beach

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A nephrologist, or kidney doctor, specializes in the treatment of the kidneys, especially in relation to chronic disease. A nephrologist in Pompano Beach treat kidney disease, including kidney stones and late stage kidney disease, which is often treated with dialysis.

You should see a nephrologist in Pompano Beach if you experience any of the following:

A Referral from Your Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician (PCP) can prevent and treat many kidney conditions in the early stages. If your PCP determines that you have a decline in kidney function, chronic issues affecting the kidneys such as recurring kidney stones, or large amounts of protein or blood in your urine, they will refer you to a nephrologist. There may be other reasons you receive a referral, such as any advanced / complex kidney issue.

A Need for Dialysis

Your doctor may determine that you need dialysis because you have signs of kidney failure, such as a protein aversion, difficulty concentrating, pruritis (itchiness), nausea, and / or vomiting, combined with a loss of at least 85% of kidney function and a GFR (glomerular filtration rate) of <15 through a blood creatine test. When your kidneys fail, dialysis takes over their work. It removes salts, excess fluids, and waste buildup, as well as helps control blood pressure and keeps a safe level of chemicals in your blood, including sodium and potassium. There are two main types of dialysis, and your nephrologist will let you know which one is best for your condition.

A Change in Your Symptoms If You Have Kidney Disease

If you already see a kidney specialist, you should schedule an appointment with them even if you’re not due for a follow-up. Your doctor needs to know when your symptoms change, so that they can help you manage your condition. Worsening symptoms such as fatigue, blood in urine, reduced energy, or a change in urinary habits warrant a visit to your nephrologist in Pompano Beach.

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