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What You Need To Know About Peritoneal Dialysis in Pompano Beach

Types of Dialysis in Lighthouse Point

Unlike conventional dialysis, peritoneal dialysis in Pompano Beach cleanses wastes and extra fluids from the body through blood vessels in the peritoneum. A surgically placed catheter in the abdomen is filled with a dialysis solution to pull out waste and fluid, which is then drained and discarded. 

Benefits of Peritoneal Dialysis in Pompano Beach

  • Independence: Peritoneal dialysis is not done in a center but is instead done by the patient.
  • Flexibility: Peritoneal dialysis is done at home, work, and while traveling
  • Fewer dietary restrictions: Most patients have fewer dietary restrictions using peritoneal dialysis. Your dietitian covers all dietary instructions you’ll need to follow.

Types of Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis: No machine is used. You fill the fluid and then go about your day until it is time to drain the fluid.
  • Automated Peritoneal Dialysis: You connect to a special machine that performs the exchanges, usually while you sleep. 

The type of peritoneal dialysis that is right for you is something you and your doctor discuss to make a decision that best fits your lifestyle.

Caring for Yourself During Home Peritoneal Dialysis in Pompano Beach

Caring for your own dialysis at home sounds overwhelming, but the medical professionals at First Class Kidney Care are there for you during your peritoneal dialysis in Pompano Beach. You are fully trained at our center before you begin treatment at home. Additionally, we offer in-home training for your fullest convenience. Support is always available.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Catheter

During your training, you will learn the ins and outs of peritoneal dialysis in great detail. It is essential to follow all instructions to prevent infection. 

  • You’ll need to thoroughly wash your hands. During training, your nurse will teach you exactly how to clean and maintain clean hands for peritoneal dialysis.
  • Wear a mask during exchanges.
  • Perform exchanges in a clean, dry place
  • Follow directions for cleaning near the catheter site

First Class Kidney Care provides you with optimal peritoneal dialysis treatment, whether in our boutique dialysis clinic or at your home. For quality kidney care in a quiet, intimate setting where you’re free to relax in comfort, call First Class for peritoneal dialysis in Pompano Beach today at (754) 307-9256.