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Caring For Yourself During Hemodialysis in Lighthouse Point

Hemo dialysis Lighthouse Point FL

When the kidneys are no longer able to keep up, dialysis takes on some of the workload to help keep the body in balance. Dialysis helps your body maintain blood pressure and remove excess waste, salt, and water. Dialysis also keeps potassium, sodium, and bicarbonate at safe levels in the blood. Taking proper care of yourself during hemodialysis in Lighthouse Point is essential to living life at your best.

Follow Dietary Guidelines During Hemodialysis in Lighthouse Point

Watching what you eat and drink helps reduce waste build up in the blood between treatments. Some foods cause more wastes to accumulate and too much waste makes it harder for dialysis to remove it all. Limiting foods that contain potassium, phosphorus, and sodium is a key recommendation. Your dialysis team has a renal dietician to guide you in choosing the right foods to eat and how much fluid to consume to optimize your hemodialysis in Lighthouse Point. 

Keep Track of Liquids

Between dialysis treatments, too much fluid in your body can cause swelling and blood pressure changes, and causes the heart to work harder. Too much fluid also makes breathing more difficult. You’ll feel better and have more energy if you follow the dietician’s recommendations for fluid intake by watching the fluids in what you eat as well as what you drink. 

Many foods are high in water content, so you need to account for what you eat when keeping track of your liquids. Reducing your salt intake helps you feel less thirsty. Other ways patients deal with thirst: suck on ice instead of drinking a glass of water, suck on candies, keep a spray bottle of your favorite beverage in the fridge for a cooling and moistening effect in your mouth when you feel thirsty. 

Take Your Medications and Vitamins As Prescribed During Hemodialysis

Dietary restrictions make it harder to get all the nutrients you need, so your doctor may prescribe a special renal supplement. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any vitamins you take. Some vitamins can further damage kidneys that are not functioning well. Your doctor may also prescribe phosphate or phosphorus binders to keep levels safe. Taking these and any other medications prescribed by your doctor is key to staying healthy and feeling good.

For Quality Kidney Care Including Hemodialysis in Lighthouse Point, Choose First Class

The team at First Class Kidney Care is dedicated to providing you with the support you need for optimal hemodialysis. Our amazing staff, including our hemo nurse and our dietitian are ready to help guide you and answer all your dialysis questions, so you can feel good and get the most out of treatment. Come see why our conveniently located, boutique dialysis center is the perfect place to support you during your treatments. Schedule your appointment online or call us at (754) 307-9526.