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What Is an Internist in Deerfield Beach?

What Is an Internist Kidney Doctor Deerfield Beach?

Your primary care provider is likely either a doctor of internal medicine (internist) or a family physician. Both take care of your yearly checkups and care for your health. However, internists may have more specialized training that benefits you, especially if you have a chronic health condition. Want to know more about what an internist is in Deerfield Beach? Here’s what you should know.

What Is an Internist, and How Are They Different?

An internist is a doctor of internal medicine. Their medical skills serve people over the age of 18. Internists have special medical training that focuses on the internal organs and their functions. 

Family doctors and general practitioners, on the other hand, have a broad range of patients from children to adults, and their focus is on general wellness. As people age and manage chronic disease, they often choose the specialized skills of an internist. Many people make the switch to seeing an internist to help them manage their chronic diseases.

Why Choose an Internist in Deerfield Beach?

If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, COPD, or kidney disease, it’s time to find an internist. Your internist is a key player in managing your chronic disease and watching for additional issues and complications related to chronic disease or aging. 

Your internet pays close attention to your body systems and organs. Their skills can help you avoid further complications. They’ll also work closely with other specialists to manage your chronic disease and treatments.

Choose the Right Internist for You.

Selecting an internist is a personal choice. You want to find a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with, and this is different for everyone. If you have a chronic illness, choose a recommended doctor that has experience managing patients with your condition.

Have You Been Referred for Dialysis?

If your nephrologist has recommended dialysis, consider the caring staff at First Class Kidney Care. We work closely with your nephrologist and internist in Deerfield Beach to care for your needs during this time. We offer dialysis in a quiet, boutique setting, so you can relax during your treatments. For an appointment, contact us today at 754-307-9256, or request an appointment online.