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Is Traveling on Dialysis Okay?


Yes! You can still enjoy traveling while on dialysis. With a little extra planning, a safe and enjoyable trip is completely possible. Here are some tips for traveling while on dialysis and of course, always talk to your doctor about your travel plans.

Find a Dialysis Center Near Your Destination

Dialysis away from home is called transient dialysis, so talk to centers near your destination to see if they take transient dialysis patients. Your home dialysis center is also a great resource and can often help you find a center to visit on your travels and set up a schedule. Remember, it’s important to keep up your treatment schedule while on vacation.

Get the Okay From Your Doctor

Before traveling, be sure to talk to your doctor first. Consider your activities and the environment you’ll be in, and discuss it with your doctor. Most dialysis patients can enjoy travel safely as long as they are in stable condition. Your doctor is a great source of tips for making a trip safely. 

Take Medical Information with You

Be sure to take necessary medical information with you for the dialysis center and in case of emergencies. In addition to your name and basic health information including health history and recent lab results, have these on hand:

  • Treatment schedule
  • Any special requirements
  • Medications and a list of medications to keep on hand
  • All insurance information
  • Anything else your center or doctor recommends

Continue to Eat Healthy While Traveling on Dialysis

Planning for healthy meals is essential while traveling on dialysis. Be sure that you follow dietary instructions to help ensure a healthy vacation. Carefully plan the meals you cook, and if you’re going out, look at menus ahead of time. Keep an eye on all dietary requirements, including salt and potassium content of foods.

Don’t Over-Do Your Activities

Talk to your doctor about your plans for your trip. And go easy, rest when you need to, and don’t over-plan. 

Looking for Dialysis Treatments While Traveling in South Florida or a Home Dialysis Center Near Lighthouse Point?

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