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Undergoing Hemodialysis in Deerfield Beach? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know.

Hemodialysis Deerfield Beach FL

More than 660,000 Americans are currently being treated for renal disease. If you’re looking for hemodialysis in Deerfield Beach, the medical specialists at First Class Kidney Care provide the care you need.

Reasons for Dialysis and Frequency

When kidney function drops below 10-15%, patients likely need hemodialysis at a dialysis clinic like First Class Kidney Care to remove toxins and fluids from the blood. Most patients require three to five treatments a week.

Time Commitment for Hemodialysis in Deerfield Beach

Your hemodialysis treatment will typically last about 4 hours. Sound like a lot of time? Many people use the time to read, meditate, listen to podcasts or music, catch up on paperwork, or perhaps learn something new. First Class offers boutique-style treatment rooms focused on your comfort and privacy, so you can use your time as you wish. Be creative, there are many possibilities to turn treatment time into a productive or peaceful experience.

Travel While Undergoing Hemodialysis

While you cannot take a vacation from your dialysis treatment, you can still travel. If you’re visiting the Deerfield Beach area, the specialists at First Class Kidney Care can provide your treatment during your stay. If you live here and need to travel, research ahead of time to set up treatment at your destination. When you’re traveling, we can help!

Recovery Time

Dialysis treatment helps patients live more active lives. However, after treatment some patients need some recovery time. Allow yourself time to rest if needed, and be sure to follow your prescribed dietary and fluid restrictions. Taking good care of yourself before, during, and between treatments will help you feel better.

Support Systems for People Undergoing Hemodialysis in Deerfield Beach

Talking to others living with Kidney Disease and getting care from your medical team are ways you can surround yourself with the support you need. At First Class Kidney Care, one way we offer ongoing support is through monthly meetings. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and get answers as well as meet others being treated with dialysis.

We invite you to come in and visit our dialysis center here at First Class, and see the difference firsthand. Call us today at 754-307-9256 to schedule an appointment! We look forward to treating you with class and compassion.