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Caring for Your Vascular Access When Undergoing Dialysis in Lighthouse Point

Dialysis Lighthouse Point FL

When undergoing dialysis in Lighthouse Point, vascular access is necessary. Caring for your access site is an important part of keeping yourself healthy and ready for dialysis. This opening in your skin and blood vessel allows the dialysis machine access to your blood, so that filtration can be done during your treatment.

Take care of yourself after surgical placement of the access site when undergoing dialysis in Lighthouse Point.

Right after the access point is placed, you may have some swelling. Propping your arm up on pillows may help reduce the swelling. It is also important to avoid lifting heavy objects while you recover. Keeping the dressing dry for as long as your doctor requires is also very important.

Watch for signs of problems.

Infection, clotting, and stenosis can affect your access site. Always check the site for signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, pain, heat, and pus. A fever may also be present during infection. Clotting is another problem and can block the access site. Stenosis occurs when the blood vessels narrow, making it hard for blood to flow through the access site.

Care for the access site daily.

Follow all your doctor’s directions on the ins and outs of how to properly care for your access site on a daily basis. Care will depend on the type of access site. Proper care of the access site is imperative when undergoing dialysis in Lighthouse Point.

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