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5 Things to Know If Your Nephrologist in Deerfield Beach Refers You for Dialysis

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If your nephrologist in Deerfield Beach has referred you for dialysis, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. Maybe you aren’t even sure which questions to ask. Your care team is made up of several specialists from doctors and nurses to dieticians and more. Here are a few things to know and some suggested questions to ask your team.

1. Diet Considerations

Your dietician will focus on your individual needs throughout treatment. Ask your dietician what changes you need to make to keep yourself physically at your best.

2. Treatment

Be sure to ask your doctor or nurse what type of dialysis you need, how often you will need treatment, and how long treatment will take. Knowing this is key to planning your schedule and using your treatment time wisely. There are many things you can do during treatment – reading, crafting, relaxing, catching up on paperwork to name a few.

3. Questions for Your Dialysis Center Staff / Nephrologist in Deerfield Beach

What number do I call for questions / emergencies? Keep this number handy. 

4. Access Site Care

You will have an access site for dialysis treatment. Your dialysis team will be able to take your activities and lifestyle into consideration and make recommendations on how you can best maintain this port.

5. Additional Support

A support group for dialysis patients gives you an extra opportunity to get questions answered by professionals and connect with others in dialysis treatment. At First Class Kidney Care, you can attend monthly support groups.

First Class Kidney Care works with your nephrologist in Deerfield Beach to provide you optimal dialysis treatment in a boutique setting.

The quiet rooms and privacy allow you to maximize your treatment time whether you want to relax, learn something new, complete quiet work tasks, or enjoy music and movies. We’re dedicated to your overall health and it shows in our reduced rates of hospitalizations of our patients compared to other dialysis centers.

Come see why our conveniently located boutique dialysis center is the perfect place to support you during your treatments. Request your appointment online today, or call us at (754) 307-9526. We look forward to hearing from you!