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4 Tips for Healthy Holidays on Dialysis Near Pompano Beach

Dialysis Pompano Beach

With the upcoming holidays,you may be feeling wary about how to handle all the food-centric gatherings. Food can be what brings us together with our families during the holidays, and certain meals help capture nostalgia. Here are 4 tips to help you stay healthy on dialysis near Pompano Beach, even as visions of sugar plums dance through your head.

  1. Avoid Salt Wherever Possible, and Be Careful With Fluids

Eating foods with a lot of salt makes most people need to consume more fluids. This may be good for you some of the time, but if you are on dialysis you should limit your fluid intake. Avoid consuming an excess of beverages at celebrations. You should also keep in mind how much salt is being used in the preparation of the food in addition to what you may add at the table. 

  1. Serving Size Is Key

These days, we may be used to eating large portions. But actually, an important part of eating healthy is not eating excessively sized portions. Aim for small serving sizes. 

  1. Have Dressings and Sauces on the Side

Keeping dressings and sauces on the side is a good way to allow dialysis patients to control the healthiness of your meal. Try to eat as little of these as possible, since they can contain salt and other hidden ingredients.

  1. Communicate With Whomever Is Cooking

If you are joining a group for a meal, let them know about your health needs. They may not change the entire dinner to suit you, but they may at least do things such as serve sauces on the side, limit salt, and make an option specifically for you. You may also want to bring a dish to share that you know will be healthy for you to eat. If you are the one cooking, then let your guests know that some dishes will be made with a dialysis-friendly diet in mind. 

For More Healthful Holiday Eating Tips While Undergoing Dialysis Near Pompano Beach, See Our Dietitian!

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