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What to Ask Your Renal Physician in Pompano Beach

Renal Physician in Pompano Beach FL

After you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease and referred to a renal physician in Pompano Beach, you likely have a lot of questions. Perhaps you’ve scoured the internet for answers to your most pressing questions. However, it is best to get information about your condition, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatments options, and outcomes.

Important Questions for Your Renal Physician in Pompano Beach

  • What is my exact diagnosis? How did the doctor determine it? Is my diagnosis changeable? Ask about what criteria were met in order for your condition to have been diagnosed. Then, find out whether you can improve your health without invasive treatments.
  • What is my prognosis? How rapidly is my condition progressing? This will determine what your condition looks like now and how it will look over an extended period of time.
  • Is my condition curable? You want to know how to improve your chances of overcoming your disease / disorder.
  • How can I best manage my condition? If it’s not curable, you want to know what you can do to avoid / delay your condition from worsening.
  • What are my treatment options? What do you believe is the best option for me at this point in time? How do each of these options change my prognosis? You want to get as much detail as possible about your options, so you can make an informed decision. Ask for details about the various types of dialysis, including peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.
  • What are the side effects of treatment? Be prepared and know what to expect, so symptoms can be better managed.
  • Is home dialysis right for me? If your doctor wants you to begin dialysis, find out if you can dialyze from home. This gives you more independence and greater flexibility to live on your own schedule.
  • Are there dietary or lifestyle adjustments I can make to help improve my outcome? Oftentimes, you can improve or at least delay / avoid worsening by following certain diet and lifestyle guidelines. This is especially true if you’re undergoing dialysis.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment With a Renal Physician in Pompano Beach

In addition to your list of questions, bring your medical history, list of medications you’re currently taking, and insurance card. While at the clinic, be sure that your questions are heard and understood. Choose a caring, compassionate renal physician in Pompano Beach for your best possible outcome.