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Four Fun Facts About Kidney Care in Lighthouse Point

Kidney Care in Lighthouse Point

Kidney care may not seem that fun or exciting, but these facts really show just how amazing, beneficial and even enjoyable kidney care in Lighthouse Point can be! Outstanding kidney care is easier than ever with these four fun facts.

1. Chronic Kidney Disease Can Be Treated

For many, receiving a chronic kidney disease diagnosis makes them feel as if their quality of life is going to be lost. That’s simply not true. Advancements in the medical field have made it possible to treat even the most severe cases of chronic kidney diseases, allowing patients to live long, enjoyable lives.

2. Healthy Kidneys Can Filter About 200 Liters of Blood a Day

The goal of kidney care is to create healthy kidneys, of course, and it may surprise you to learn just how powerful kidneys are! Healthy kidneys are capable of filtering approximately 200 liters of blood per day. Crazy, right? That’s not their only job, either.

Kidneys work hard to keep the right amount of fluids in your body and even help your body to produce new red blood cells. Proper kidney care allows your kidneys to function as they should: like superheroes!

3. Kidney Care in Lighthouse Point Is Easily Personalized to Your Individual Needs

Kidney care isn’t “one size fits all.” Thankfully, it’s personalized to your specific health issues as well as your needs and even comfort. Yes, you have a say in your kidney care! A good nephrologist, or kidney doctor, will work with you to create a customized kidney care experience that improves your health and comfort.

4. Kidney Health Is Greatly Improved By Proper Diet and Exercise

The best answers are the simplest ones. Your kidneys’ health is greatly, and easily, improved with the practice of a healthy diet and routine exercise. Limiting alcohol and smoking won’t hurt, either. Discuss with your doctor the ideal healthy diet for you in order to improve kidney function and overall health.

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