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5 Things Every Patient on Dialysis Near Deerfield Beach Should Know

Dialysis in Deerfield Beach

If you’re a dialysis patient, you know that treatment helps do the work of your kidneys to keep your body functioning. To make the most out of your treatment, it’s important to take care of yourself . Here are 5 things every patient on dialysis near Deerfield Beach should know.

1. Find the Right Center for Dialysis Near Deerfield Beach  for You

When it comes to dialysis, finding the center that’s right for you is key, and you’ve got options. Consider the location, and make sure it is convenient. Visit the center, and meet the care professionals. If you like to read or listen to music or watch shows, find a place that allows you to do so in a quiet environment.  Discuss your choice with your doctor.

2. Be Prepared

In the event of an emergency, have a plan in place. During an emergency, there may be power outages, road closures, and other issues that make getting to treatment difficult. Talk to your dialysis center about their emergency plan. Make a list of other centers in your area. And, in the event of having to miss dialysis in Deerfield Beach, have food for an emergency meal plan at the ready. Talk to your care professionals about emergency situations before they happen, so they can help you get a plan in place.

3. You Can Still Work on Dialysis – and Even Travel

Being on dialysis doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Talk to your doctor first to confirm , but many patients find they can plan treatments so they can continue working. Travel may take a bit of extra planning, but many patients continue to enjoy travelling and are able to find a dialysis center if necessary for treatment during travel.

4. Paying Close Attention to Diet and Liquids Is Very Important

Your care team, especially your renal dietitian, is an excellent source of information for meal planning that’s right for you. Staying your healthiest while on dialysis means following a diet carefully and paying close attention to how much liquid you consume both in food and beverages. 

5. You Likely Qualify for Medicare

Worried about how you’ll pay for dialysis treatment? If you have kidney failure, you may qualify for Medicare. Talk to your care team about filling out paperwork for insurance.

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